mmWave UWB 110GHz Frequency Probes


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Non-Contact VNF mmWave Probes

         UWB contiguous operation from DC to 110GHz.

         Magnetic loop and Electric monopole designs.

         High spatial resolution sensor.

         Electrically insulated tip provides high isolation.

         Integral ferrites reduce cable interaction.

         Probes are shipped fully characterized.







The probe tip provides high spatial resolution as needed to measure very-near-field distributions for the analysis of antenna and microwave components and systems. They are passive devices that can be connected to spectrum and network analysers or digital oscilloscopes with 50 Ω input system impedance and electrically insulated and shielded with ferrites located within the barrel to attenuate cable currents. These probes are unique with a proprietary sensor tip that allows measurements to be taken very close to the surface area to pin-point sources of peak emissions across an ultra-wide frequency range from DC to 110 GHz. These probes can be used to discriminate between evanescent non-propagating and resonant propagating modes as needed for more predictable FFA far-field-approximations.