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SDP Series - Standard Gain Sleeve Dipoles

  • Exceptional symmetry peak to null better than 0.08dB
  • True omnidirectional radiation gain pattern
  • Integral quarter-wave choke reduces cable interaction

Meridianwave’s SDP sleeve dipole series antenna is designed as a precision gain reference for antenna range calibration, and meets the Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association’s (CTIA) 0.1dB asymmetry requirement for ripple test measurements. These antennas have omnidirectional radiation pattern that approach that of a half-wave resonant dipole with typical gains between (1.8 and 2.15)dB. Superior performance is achieved using an integral quarter-wave choke design to reduce end-fed cable interactions. All sleeve dipoles are designed with a VSWR less than 1.2:1 in at least a 10 MHz band around the labeled center frequency.

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